Yacht building
Yacht builders, who manufacture a high quality and luxurious product into the smallest detail, can count on SpringMasters for the right gas spring. Whether it’s for engine compartments, escape hatches, kitchen cabinets, windows or storage boxes SpringMasters always has the right solution. 

Gas springs with exception of dampers can be fitted with a valve. The valve will make it possible to adjust the force in the gas spring. This comes in handy while prototyping when it not exact sure what the pressure in the gas spring must be.

Next to our standard gas springs we also deliver gas springs in stainless steel 304 and 316. Especially for the ship and yacht building industry we have a stainless steel 316 line in our programme for which we give a 3 year warranty.

For mounting your gas springs we suggest our connection parts and brackets. SpringMasters has a wide variety of these parts in stock.



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